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Freight within WA and interstate is possible though there are added expenses. The following is required prior to booking freight:

  • A copy of the interstate import license or current Western Australian Fauna Possessing (pet keeper's) license.

  • Payment in full for animals, export license and freight.

Added expenses are as follows:​

  • $30 - Export license issued by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation, and Attractions.

  • $100 - Freight surcharge, to cover time and expenses associated with travelling to the airport. This is waived if the total cost of the purchased animals exceeds $1000.

  • $??? - Freight with Feathers and Scales Freight. Freight varies dependent on destination and box weight / size. Recent bookings have cost between $100 and $150 for small boxes under 1kg. A freight quote can be requested prior to booking. 

Due to COVID fewer flights are available that carry pets / livestock so some flexibility is needed when booking.​

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